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Charley Biggs' Chicken N' Sauce ™
"Kickin' It Up"

Charley Biggs Chicken n' Sauce™
is now available in Canada through

Charley Biggs™ is a new and exciting
concept that offers you a
"Turn-Key" solution for your
Quick Service Restaurant(QSR) needs.

Chicken now has the highest per capita
consumption of all major meats. It's no
secret that everybody loves good chicken!

Charley Biggs™ offers superior seasoned breadings and mouth-watering
sauces combined with tender, juicy chicken that keeps your customers
coming back for more! The Charley Biggs™ brand has been developed by
researching "real consumers" of fried chicken, and from that research,
the Charley Biggs™ program was born.With Charley Biggs™, YOUR store will keep more profits, because
there are no franchise fees or royalties to pay!
The Charley Biggs™
team of foodservice professionals will be there for you every step
of the way. Store layout, food preparation, presentation and
employee training are provided at no cost to you!
The Charley Biggs™ program also offers in-store promotions, support,
and multimedia concepts that are designed to bring more customers to
your store.Top that all off with a customer loyalty and reward program, and
Charley Biggs™ is the only choice for a full "Turn-Key" QSR with
no royalties or franchise fees. And your customers will keep
coming back for more!
For more information, contact us or visit their Web site at:

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