Star Grill Max Express X30 30 Hot Dog Electric Roller Grill with Chrome Plated Rollers – 120V

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Versatile enough not just for hot dogs, but taquitos or egg rolls, the appliance has chrome rollers and boasts a motor that can run continuously with a chain tension system that will not become loose. In addition, a unique tooth movement design insures that the rollers are effective and smooth, while separate temperature controls lend more consistent and thorough heating. Since the appliances roller have stadium seating, the hot dogs or other food products will look appetizing to hungry customers, potential creating more sales. So that you can easily tell which zone is in the front or the rear, indicator lights and colored seals help to clarify things. When looking to offer hot dogs or similarly shaped food items to patrons, use the Star Hot Dog Roller Grill.

Star X30 Features

  • Roller-type
  • Stadium seating
  • Chrome-plated rollers
  • Capacity 30 hot dogs
  • Infinite controls
  • Stainless steel construction