Dean – SM5020G Full/Half-Size Gas Fryer

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Designed for versatile frying production and solid performance

Dean’s SM5020G is specifically designed to meet the frying needs of space constrained operations that offer menu items with different frying needs. A full-size (50-lb.) frypot and a half-size (20-lb.) frypot are combined in a single battery to provide frying versatility in a small footprint.

Fry a wide variety of products with the full-size frypot which is perfect for high production of various products while the half-size fry area easily accommodates such items as appetizers or individual portions without flavor transfer.

Exclusive Thermo-tube heat exchange tubes have durable stainless steel heat diffusing baffles which efficiently transfer the energy input to the surrounding oil with less going unused up the vent.

Dean’s wide cold zone design traps sediment away from the cooking area, safeguarding the quality of the oil and the foods being cooked. Positive sloped bottom and 1-1/4” (3.175 cm) drain valve allows quick oil and sediment draining.

Dean’s durable thermostat probe assures accurate temperatures for heat-up, cooking and recovery. Electrical hookup is not required..


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