Traulsen – Quick Chiller

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The simplest way to chill hot food fast for safer storage.

Consistent and fast chilling without complicated settings

INTELA-TRAUL™ microprocessor controls temperature and is network-capable to facilitate HACCP documentation

Alarm notifications for temperature warnings and service needs

Our 48” length Quick Chiller provides quick chilling convenience, productivity and food safety in a compact footprint and light weight.

The Quick Chiller’s airflow is specially calibrated to chill batches through the “danger zone” of temperatures in the time the FDA requires. Regular refrigeration units rise in temperature with the addition of hot food batches, leading to too-slow chilling and spoilage. Your quick chiller will quickly chill even delicate foods, and is a first step in demonstrating your due diligence in food safety.

For operations with more advanced needs or working with more tricky-to-chill foods, also refer to our Blast Chiller with Epicon Visual Interface.